Fewer outages and faster recovery

Efficiently improve the reliability and resiliency of digital services.  

Automate reliability management

Proactively manage the health of digital operations through automatic configuration of reliability goals (SLOs), monitoring service levels against those goals and forecasting violations.

Accelerate release cycles

Identify complex issues in production by measuring performance of each service and detecting deterioration. Correlate with change events to know which update had a negative impact..

Drive operational excellence

Get continuous actionable insights by collecting, contextualizing, and analyzing data from highly diverse sources across application life cycle, infrastructure, cloud operations, and business.

Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) 

Automate reliability management 

Production complexity of modern applications can overwhelm even the best-run SRE teams. This is because even a small digital service could have a large number of services with complex interactions.

OccamsHub automates service reliability management with built-in AI models that automatically a) Identify major user journeys, b) Set optimal SLOs and Error budgets, and c) Forecast SLO violations and prioritize them based on a predicted timeline. This enables SRE teams to

  1. Get better stakeholder buy-in of SLOs and error budgets
  2. Proactively address issues that matter most 
  3. Protect customers from repeated SLA breaches

DevOps teams

Accelerate release cycles

As the number of CI/CD pipelines increase, the complexity of rolling out changes and testing each change with respect to overall system performance increases dramatically. This puts critical focus on the post-deployment DevOps stage of continuous monitoring. 

OccamsHub improves DevOps productivity with built-in AI models that automatically a) Provide optimized error budgets for all services, b) Score each microservice for design antipatterns that impact performance, and c) Correlate performance score with change events. This enables DevOps teams to

  1. Improve release velocity 
  2. Proactively audit system performance    
  3. Save time by proactively addressing changes that impact performance

Product Leaders

Drive operational excellence

In a typical Ops environment, there are several monitoring tools and it’s hard to figure out the overall health of a service without having to look at several dashboards and trying to correlate them on an ad-hoc basis.

OccamsHub ingests a variety of data ranging from monitoring systems to customer and business metrics and uses analytics and ML models to create dashboards that provide a comprehensive view of service performance. This enables product leaders to

  1. Get a single pane of glass view automatically 
  2. Strike the right trade-off between reliability goals and new releases 
  3. Optimize business outcomes by correlating service performance and various business metrics